Gresford and District War Memorial Trust

Our Objectives & Constitution

Our objectives are to be transparent, honest and fair and to conduct our business with integrity and abide by the rules of the Charity Commission as set out in our Business Plan.
No Trustee shall benefit financially by being a member of the Trust
The Trust's interests shall come before the interests of their own particular club or organisation.

Our Constitution

We feel that our Constitution, written in the 1940's, shows foresight way ahead of its time and is particularly appropriate to today's society. We follow those principles and promote the Arts as well as Sport and social entertainment.

"for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation and social, moral and intellectual development, through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes, recreations and entertainment or otherwise as may be expedient, for the benefit of the parishes of Gresford, Marford and Hoseley and their immediate vicinity, without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions, subject to the provisions of these presents"

- extract from the Constitution