Gresford and District War Memorial Trust

About us

Gresford Trust or Gresford and District War Memorial Community Centre Trust to give it its charity title, was founded in 1949. It has been a green and open space in the centre of Gresford since that time.

Its 18 acres of land are owned by the village and, over the years, a succession of Trustees and volunteers from the community have had the responsibility of safeguarding this open space and the buildings on it. That responsibility has never been more important than now because the Trust owns the only easily accessible open space in the village with facilities suitable for both indoor and outdoor sport. We also have wonderful facilities for general community use in a modern building situated in a beautiful location.

What we are responsible for

The Trust is an umbrella organisation responsible for all its land including the boundaries, walls and fencing. The row of lime trees that make the approach to Gresford so attractive are a wonderful backdrop but they are also an onerous responsibility for the Trust. We also own three car parks, part of the approach road to the new Memorial Hall and the red brick building, the Recreational Club and in 2010 we added a new Bowling Pavilion. Of course, to manage all our land we need machinery, mowers, tractors etc. and we had to build a Groundsman's store to put them in. We did this by obtaining a grant for a sports wall (which forms the back wall of the store) and consequently reduced the cost of providing the store. The area in front of the sports wall can be used as a practice basketball court.

How do we pay for all this?

We do not receive any revenue from the WCBC although Officers of the Local Authority are very supportive in offering advice and help which is very much appreciated.

All our revenue comes from a combination of hiring our facilities, grants and donations.
Our mission statement is "run by the village for the village" and that is exactly what we do. We are all unpaid volunteers giving our time and skills for the benefit of our community.

If you would like to know more detail about our finances then you can visit the Charity Commission web site or come to the Hall and ask to meet our Treasurer who will be pleased to help you.

Easy to read guide to the constitution

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