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Gresford Trust

Run by the village for the village


How the Trust is organised

The Trust President is Lord Thomas of Gresford OBE QC who has been resident in this village for many years. He has taken a keen interest in the Trust becoming President in 1987 and his unfailing support over this period has been greatly appreciated by all who have worked for the Trust.

Vice president: Mrs Margaret Heaton

The 12 elected members for the year 2013 - 2014 are:

Mr Phil Jones
Vice Chairman
Mr Ian Gibson
Mr Richard Williams
Mrs Janet Holmes

Committee Members

Mrs. Margaret Heaton
Mr. Richard Evans
Mrs. Valerie Shields
Mr. Andrew Bailey
Mr. Emlyn R Jones
Mr. Cliff Hughes
Mrs. Jen Dutton

Representatives of local organisations:

Mr Peter Goddard

Gresford Athletic FC

Ms Hazel Johnson Gresford Methodist Church
Mrs Lesley Murley All Saints Church
Mrs. Sue Roden All Saints Church
Mrs Janet McDonald Gresford / Marford Community Council
Mr Graham Owen Bowls
Mr Geoff Jones Snooker
Vacant Gresford Scouts and Guides Association
Mrs. Lisa Weaver Gresford Pre-school Playgroup
Mrs Susan Hill Gresford Craft Group
Vacant IMAGE
Mr Robert Williams Gresford & Marford Tennis Club
Mr Bob Edwards Royal British Legion
Mr John Bell Gresford Cricket Club
Mrs. Jaquie Hughes

Gresford Library

Mr Paul Roberts Marford & Gresford Albion FC
Miss Marian Williams

Gresford Womens Institute


Representatives from village organisations can vary each year and we always welcome new groups. Would the present Youth groups be interested in becoming involved? If not, would anyone be interested in forming a Trust Youth Group? The Trust is keen to involve all age groups because the future of the Trust will rely on younger peoples enthusiasm, energy and commitment. Let us know what you think?


Mrs. Jo Burke            Admin Assistant

Mr.Jim Gorman          Caretaker/cleaner


New people with time or particular skills to offer are always welcome. You don't have to be on a committee to help. If you are interested in offering a few hours of your time, maybe you have a skill that would be useful to us or even if you are just interested in seeing what we do then e-mail us, talk to us, write to us. We would like to compile a list of people we could call upon - a kind of "Friends of the Trust"


Harold Roberts chairing a Trust meeting

Harold Roberts chairing a Trust meeting

The Trust Management Committee meets at the Memorial Hall on the second Thursday of each month to deal with matters of policy and other matters as they arise. Decisions and recommendations made by the Committee are then executed by the smaller Administration Committee comprising the officers and representatives from the main committee.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the the Trust Committee meeting as observers and it provides an opportunity for them to talk toTrustees after the meeting.


The Trust employs one Administrator and one Caretaker on a part-time basis, both of whom we regard as being the most important members of the team and we pay for other services as required. We do not have a full-time caretaker but rely on the help of volunteers and the goodwill and care of our regular users.

We rely on our income, applying for grants and donations for everything that we do. We do not receive any revenue funding from the Local Authority or other scources which may come as a surprise to many people.

Apart from our Administrator and Cleaner everyone else is a volunteer giving of their time and skills for the benefit of the whole community.


Our objectives are to be transparent, honest and fair and to conduct our business with integrity and abide by the rules of the Charity Commission as set out in our Business Plan.
No Trustee shall benefit financially by being a member of the Trust
The Trust's interests shall come before the interests of their own particular club or organisation.


We feel that our Constitution, written in the 1940's, shows foresight way ahead of its time and is particularly appropriate to today's society. We follow those principles and promote the Arts as well as Sport and social entertainment.

"for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation and social, moral and intellectual development, through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes, recreations and entertainment or otherwise as may be expedient, for the benefit of the parishes of Gresford, Marford and Hoseley and their immediate vicinity, without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions, subject to the provisions of these presents"

- extract from the Constitution


In accord with our Constitution we try and promote the Arts. We have paintings on display by a local artist Elfyn Jones (link) and two paintings which were gifted to us by The Arts Council for Wales from their collection. "Minewall" by Ian Tyson and "Elements and More to Come by John Dawson - Evans.

We also have on display an example of quilting from an internationally renowned quilt artist and author, Dilys Fronks who is a member of the Gresford Craft Group